Women in thongs aerobics

Chris Smith — Jan 31st, The cooling fans weren't operating.

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This was going to be a hot and sweaty night. The instructor, dressed in blue cotton biking shorts with a thong brief and matching blue crop top, yelled instructions to the 50 steppers.

Aerobic Fasion

They moved up and down, back and over for 30 minutes straight with hopes nude female strip search obtaining their target pulse rate.

During the brief rest period before going another thongs minutes, many dripping and shining exercisers jogged to aerobics water fountain. A few wore leotards and biking shorts with long Tshirts just covering their behinds.

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Several women wore leotards and tights, but choose to wear a large T-shirt on top even though it was very warm. One young woman in plaid shorts and a huge Lollapalooza shirt walked by.

Another in a polo shirt and shorts filled her water bottle.

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The women in heavy sweats looked really hot as he got a drink. After the break ended and they began stepping again, a thin young woman who was working through her second aerobics class that night kept a T-shirt over her leotard despite the heat.