Withholding sex in marriage

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Resentment is a type of withholding anger that can poison otherwise marriage relationships. It can stem from the perception that one partner has been treated unfairly or that the relationship is unbalanced in some way. If left to fester, unresolved resentment can cause serious conflict or even the end of a relationship.

The Mistake Christian Husbands and Wives Should Avoid in the Bedroom

INSIDER spoke to relationship experts and psychologists to identify some of the warning signs that your partner may resent you. No one likes to be mocked or criticized, especially by a loved one. A partner who is constantly cracking mean jokes at your expense or using sarcasm in a way that seems snide might be using humor to cloak their resentment.

People who struggle with direct confrontation may use mean jokes as a way sex indirectly calling attention to their negative feelings.

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However, this kind of humor is not only unpleasant, it can be emotionally abusive. Virgin pussy hardcore xxx to a mental health professional about your situation can help you figure out whether the relationship is worth salvaging.

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