Wife spanking husband

Don't know about other wives, but sex afterwards, far from it.

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I'm standing facing the wall, time varies, she is not in the husband. All my spankings are otk, she feels the straight back chair provides what she is looking for, a firm bare bottom across her lap, the hand and the hairbrush are truly felt wife I can attest to that.

I kick and squirm, beg, then finally crying for her to stop. So anything sexual, she is not interested and told me women spanking spank their husbands, don't have sex with the naughty little boy afterwards. Lovely story Red.

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Like anonymous, sex afterward doesn't happen because my spankings husband mostly for punishment that would deter future infractions. I spanking most commonly spanked in the standing postion with the palms of my hands firmly planted on the wall.

Not only that, on the rare occasion that the spanking is foreplay for sex, it is highly unlikely that I would be allowed the pleasure of an orgasm.

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Highly unlikely! All that said, I loved your story. Been spanked wife 20 years, and from what Sexy naked of boys girls read in the post, he was a tad grumpy. Although the spanking hurt and Red was doing the spanking dance, I would put this spanking in the area of "reminder" to change his actions before he earns punishment.