Ways a virgin girl can pleasure herself

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Betty Dodson is sexologist and author and she has created a lot of great resources to help people learn about self-pleasure and orgasms. Betty also has a website with lots of content.

Q&A: Masturbation – How Do Virgin Girls Masturbate? - Love & Sex Answers

Betty encourages using a mirror to become familiar with your body and the different sensations in different areas. You can trim your nails if they feel too sharp! Having some lube available is also a good idea for fingering. Although most people produce some of their own sexual fluids using lube enhances genital sensation and fat girls in mini skirts sure that the delicate gential skin is not pulled or pinched.

I would say that you could try using it if that is your preferencebut stop using it if you feel any irritation develop.

33 Ways to Keep Your Virginity till Marriage by Niphmy Isiwa | Authors-choice

Small packets of free lube are also available with free condoms at sexual health clinics. As far as infections from fingering Other than washing your hands there is no special precautions you should take. We do not see people getting infections from fingering, although it is would be possible if you had someone else's sexual fluids on your hands and then fingered yourself.

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Female masturbation — 10 steps to have an orgasm

Skip to main content. Ask us You are here Home. I'm a virgin but I am really interested in learning how to self pleasure myself.