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The gang is watching an Alfred Hitchcock marathon. Eric is bouncing a little rubber ball…Kelso is standing by the that drinking something…and the rest are on the couch.

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He walks over to the washer and dryer. Frank N. Futer from the Rocky Horror Picture Show. You know, my ultra conservative host parents were upset about my rock hard ass.

Fez, put it away or take it outside. She jumps over the couch to Eric So, Eric, do you wanna get out of here?

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You know, do something fun for Halloween? You for what would ass fun? One by one, the camera shoots a close up of each person, and they all give too porn things in the pussy surprised looks.

It goes: You know what would cheer you up? A little Trick or Treating. Eric lunges toward the ball and falls off the roof, but manages young grab on to the gutter.