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Nigerian investigative reporter Tobore Nigeria was motivated by years of research into the plight of trafficked women in her country, as well as the loss of a friend, to go undercover in a multi-billion dollar criminal enterprise. She emerged, bruised and beaten but thankfully alive, after witnessing orgies, big money deals in jute bags, police-supervised pickpocketing, beatings and even murder.

This is her story.

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Our trafficker, Mama Caro, welcomes us in flawless English, telling us how lucky and special we are; then she ushers us to a room where we are to sleep on the floor without any dinner. I had not expected this. We had exercised through a risk analysis thumbs advance: We had put in place contacts, emergency phone numbers, safe houses, emergency money accounts. We had made transport and extraction arrangements. Reece sex waiting in Cotonou, kilometers to the West in neighbouring Benin, to pick me up from an agreed meeting place.