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There's been no shortage of sex appeal on the WTA Tour photoshoot the years, but who are the hottest female tennis players actively playing right now? Take a look at my top list below, which features not only some of the women players in the game today but also the best.

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One of the big naked cock in school bus female tennis players are hot is that tennis is hugely popular in Eastern Europe where, on average, women tend to be of a higher standard than Western Women. My own theory is that these places are yet to be conquered by modern-day feminism so rather than loudmouthed swamp donkeys that don't shave their armpits, you nude to get girls who realise there's huge value in looking beautiful both in terms of attracting men and their careers.


As a result, even the bang average ones still look pretty good as tennis put the effort in! The nature of tennis training also means the girls are all going to be in great shape as you need a mix of cardio and strength training to achieve success on the tour. All these women make a good chunk of their living by looking good in photo shoots and brand endorsements.

The only people who don't really like posts like this don't live in the real world.

After Serena, Danish ace Caroline bares it all for photo shoot - InsideSport

Since the dawn of time, it's been beneficial for women to look as good as possible. The web is awash with lists like this but they're all just rehashed versions with very little effort put into them. For example, Anna Kournikova is the top of virtually every list.