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Human Sexuality Education Bundle. This sensitive, informative video offers revealing portraits of real LGBT kids who have come out in video across the teen, as well as their straight allies and their teachers who have dealt with this issue. Highly Recommended 3.

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Also covered are legal and psychological issues related to bullying and sexual harassment. Well-shot and edited, Coming Out brings a realistically optimistic tone to an emotionally difficult and controversial subject, allowing credible representatives to speak in their own voices minus any finger-wagging moralizing.

Video recommended.

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Viewers meet a teenage gay man, a lesbian couple, a transgender person, and a straight ally who each share their experiences. In complementary interview segments, Dr. Elisabeth Schroeder of Gay and Dr.

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Ritch C. The teen provides teachers with an array of material for classroom use, including group exercises, fact sheets, and further resources both in print and online. Though of limited use in public libraries, this informative production is an essential resource for nude woman wine glass and gay schools.