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Kentucky high school teacher charged with raping 15-year-old student

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The child in question left school soon after, forgoing her education because of the trauma of sexual abuse. Despite wishing to remain anonymous, the man, who is still a teacher, spoke candidly about his school of a minor on camera because he said that the custom is so prevalent that he was not worried about having charges pressed against him.

He believed that this kind of exploitation remains rampant since it may be difficult to truly stamp it out of society. He initially discovered that teachers could wield their authority in this manner when he was a student himself and a teacher asked him to take a teachers to his house.

There are little records of how many teachers in African countries engage in the practice, and very rarely do the perpetrators face prosecution.

Teachers Blackmailing Students Into Sex For Good Grades

Most of teachers cases go unreported due to the shame and stigma sex. As a result, innumerable young girls face gender-based violence, which includes sexual abuse, exploitation, and rape by male teachers. Filmmaker Kiki King, who shot the documentary in Mozambique, told Marie Claire that countless girls are bullied into having sex school exchange for good grades at school. She said that the students are often led to believe that if they do not have sexual relationships with their teacher, they are going to fail the year.

Apart from the promise of good grades, they may also bribe her with things like mobile phones, clothes, food, and other gifts.