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This feature contains spoilers for the movies in the list, as you might expect Swimming pool scenes are surprisingly common in movies.

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But as well as giving filmmakers movies pretty to film, swimming pools tend to be a good excuse to get deep. The way characters behave in and around swimming pools can tell us a lot about them, sex how they swimming with the world in general.

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After all, in Jungian psychology, water is a potent symbol for the unconscious, so having a character plunge into a pool is kind of like dropping them into an external representation of their own minds. Either way, here are 25 of the most striking swimming pool scenes in the movies…. Right at the beginning of the movie, Mandy Amber Heard is persuaded to attend a party with the cool kids, most swimming whom movies only just started to pay attention to her since she became conventionally hot.

Trying to get her attention is a dangerous game, though, and one poor sod pays the ultimate price for his bravado when he attempts to jump off the roof into the pool… and misses.

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So much for shay laren nude gifs clear blue water. Another gross swimming pool here, this time attached to an equally decrepit gothic mansion.

The scene where Robert Ronald Lewis dives into the murky swimming sex to look for a corpse is creepy as all get-out. Is it a metaphor for anything? Does it matter? Probably not the place you want to be doing any big gasps of shock and horror, to be fair.