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There Coco was, sitting quietly minding my own business, when all of a sudden, I get shot from behind! Now usually when this happens I'm a little more prepared, towel, hair pulled to the side so I don't have to clean it later, and usually I know the person unloading.

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So you can imagine my shock when I felt a stick and turned around to find this hottie Cupid behind me. Well she should have known what was going to happen to nude because no one shoots me in the back without getting a mouthful suicide revenge! Every 12 hours we put up a new photoset on our front page.

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Watch the suicidegirls talk, sing, dance, and come to life in their videos. Upload your own videos or sit back and watch!

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Death Metal. There is a group filled with comments and pictures for girl about any interest you can think of. Vital Stats.

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