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In her new film, writer-director-producer Jessica M.

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Thompson's "The Light of the Moon," she stars as Bonnie, a Brooklyn architect whose entire life, including her relationship and her career, are upended in the aftermath sex a violent sexual assault. Bonnie is not Little Sexy big brazilian ass Riding Hood.

We talked to Stephanie Beatriz about her important new film, "The Light of the Moon" at SXSW

She's a grown beatriz assaulted stephanie drinking with friends in a bar, a woman who chooses to walk instead of share a car ride home, who doesn't hear her attacker approaching because she's wearing headphones. And that doesn't make her rape her fault or her responsibility.

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During a recent conversation with me on "Salon Talks," Beatriz discussed how portraying a rape survivor affected her, and why the film's frank depiction of assault is so important. No matter what they're wearing, no matter what they're doing, people shouldn't rape. Full stop.

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The circumstances around it don't matter. That is not something human beings should do scenes each other. Watch our full "Salon Talks" conversation on Facebook.