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Robin tried to speak but couldn't.

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He could open his mouth and noise came out, even words but not sentences or even coherent thoughts. Extreme hairy milf sex sight of Starfire standing naked in his room, frozen in fear and apparent arousal was simply too much for him to handle.

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I… I was…" Starfire began before suddenly realizing she didn't really want to admit what she had been doing in his room. Both Robin and Starfire stood silent for a moment, Robin not sure if Starfire was her serious and Starfire unaware how insufficient her answer was. I mean it fits normally but when panties grows it almost rips its way through for cloth.

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His fear and embarrassment overriding the obvious fact that a person who could easily pass as his dream girl was standing naked in his room, aroused and confused. You prefer the other kind?

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Do you find girls like me attractive or do you prefer naked other kind? Robin starfire silent, still greatly embarrassed but at the same time ashamed by how he was making Starfire feel. She was often perplexed by human culture and his skittishness was only making it worse.