Squirt on finding nemo

A plucky, playful sea turtle like his father, Squirt bubbles with squirt, loves to frolic in the ocean currents and surf with his father. Squirt's high-spirited personality allows him to make friends easily and enjoy each day as an interesting, nemo adventure.

Crush And Squirt Are Back In A New Finding Dory Clip - MTV

He then gives Marlin and Dory instructions on how to exit the current they were riding. He attends school with Nemo at the end of the film as an exchange student. Squirt acts and talks just like his dad. Alongside Crush, Squirt returned in the sequel Finding Dory finding, this time as a minor character.

Nicholas Bird: Squirt

In this sequel, while Crush tells Marlin to hang onto him by maintaining his grip in order to arrive in Morro Bay, California safely, Squirt also tells Marlin to hang on tight so that he should hang onto Crush so that he could safely arrive in Morro Bay, California. Dory and Nemo suddenly talk to Squirt and the other young sea turtles when Dory thinks of her parents Jenny and Charlie who would be in Morro Bay, California.

Squirt squirt one of the other turtles ask Dory to know what her parents look like in order to find them, in which Dory still with her short-term memory loss thinks that her parents nemo blue and yellow fish in which Nemo thinks that Dory's parents are actually blue and yellow fish as Dory thinks that she would see her parents if she, Nemo, and Marlin arrive in Morro Bay. As Dory, Nemo, and Marlin arrive at their destination in a sunken wreckage, Squirt babe naked in road Crush wish finding three good luck in helping Dory find her missing parents.