Spanked with a hairbrush

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Log In. Groups Stories Bengali girls sex naked photos People. Mom's hairbrush always had this special significance for me.

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Even when I saw her use it for brushing her hair, that made me think of its other use on my poor bottom. I haven't heard of any dads using a hairbrush for spanking their children. It's a spanked motherly device. Jun 1, Receive notifications on replies.

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My cousin had a whip, that hung behind the kitchen door, to discipline her son. It was very with.

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And she hardly had to use it… She would just tell him to go get it for her and he would start behaving. Germanmom, my sister and I had a similar special relationship with our mother's wooden hairbrush.

I agree with you that the hairbrush is a very feminine and typically maternal implement which also is one of the reasons I always felt that getting spanked by mum and with the hairbrush had a bonding effect and was part of the special female realm from which our brother and father hairbrush excluded.