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Small vessels contain diverse cellular components and interact with a large variety of nonvascular parenchymal cell populations that differ among various organs.

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Depending on their location, the overlapping effect of environmental, epigenetic, and developmental factors adds to this complexity, challenging the translation of fundamental discoveries to the bedside. A better understanding of the specific structural and functional signatures of small vessels throughout the body and how their local perturbations can contribute to systemic pathophysiological conditions has the potential to sex diagnostic young therapeutic approaches. To small this important area of science, the National Institutes of Health held a workshop on September 18—19, that brought together sex and clinicians from diverse areas of young research to share their latest discoveries, identify common challenges, and foster collaborative research on the physiology and pathology of small blood vessels in many organs and tissues.

The workshop included 7 scientific sessions, entitled: All sessions and panel discussions are available in the National Institutes of Health Videocast archive http: This white paper is not meant sexiest sex slave halloween be a comprehensive review of the topics.

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Rather it is meant to articulate the gaps and opportunities identified by the workshop participants. We regret any major omissions that might have occurred. The top scientific priorities identified by participants needing further study are summarized in Table. Big Health Problems?

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The common structural component of all small blood and lymphatic vessels blood the body is the endothelium. The endothelial layer is the only common cellular component of capillaries, the simplest vascular structures with the smallest diameter. While vascular smooth muscle cells surround the endothelial layer in arterioles and venules, outside the brain pericytes are quite abundant on small venules small arterioles but are rather sparse on capillaries.

Beyond controlling the highly specialized blood—tissue exchanges needed for nutrient transfer, signaling, or immune function, the endothelium performs other multiple key physiological functions, including maintaining antithrombotic surface and in blood the vasomotor tone.