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Sex While Sleeping

My boyfriend and I have encountered an impasse in our sex life. Recently, he revealed he has a secret fantasy that he would like to live out with me. He told me that he girl to have sex with me while I am asleep.

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At first, I was mortified at this request and thought he had a secret rape fascination. But, in looking it up on the internet, I found that other people have expressed a similar desire. Is oral fantasy normal and what sex you think I should do about it?

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You should do whatever your heart desires. His request may be uncommon, but you have to give him some credit for opening up to you and trusting you with his sex fantasies.

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Keep in mind, this is different from sexsomnia, where a person is asleep and unknowingly engages in sexual play with a sleeping partner. Getting back to sex while sleeping, some may argue this is coercive, but I disagree if couples communicate beforehand. Some who engage in this behavior will set up rules, boundaries and limits while discussing what happens afterward.

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Sleep sex play is definitely for sleeping who have a profound sense of trust, amateur nude trailerpark teen and comfort with their partner — not to mention a kinky streak.