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Remember that episode of Sex and the City when Carrie is trying to buy her apartment and Miranda does a little simple fashion math to inform her where her money has gone?

The Most Memorable Jewels on ‘Sex and the City’

Then Carrie, in her singular way, realizes a down payment on her real estate is in her closet. In celebration of the 20 th anniversary of the television series, I am taking a look back at some of the most memorable jewels Sarah Jessica Parker wore in her signature role on the television series and in the Sex and the City movies.

The pieces the brilliant costume designer Patricia Field put together for Parker to wear were an amazing blend of emerging designers, big names, uptown and downtown styles.

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Like a thread line through the series, the Carrie Necklace was something Sarah Jessica Parker wore for years. When she lost the jewel while living in Paris with Aleksandr Petrovsky Mikhail Baryshnikovyou just knew it was an ominous sign the love affair was doomed.

The Carrie Necklace was sentimental.

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Patricia Field told me when I interviewed her a few years ago, the jewel was inspired by the script necklaces shoppers at her East Village boys n girls sex pics had been wearing. Pat still sells the style online.

The Most Memorable Jewels on ‘Sex and the City’ | The Adventurine

There was a period around Season 3 when Carrie began to wear a lot of Bulgari gold jewelry. One of the pieces she had on repeatedly was the Tondo Necklace on a gold chain.

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She also sported a Bulgari-Bulgari 18K gold watch steadily during the same period. Most women who truly love jewelry like Carrie Bradshaw have costume mixed in with their treasures.