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Sarah Polleychesty young beauty from the Great White North, doesn't care about fame sex fortune in Hollywood, which is maybe why the industry is showering her with both. She made her position clear early on after being blacklisted by Disney for refusing to take off a peace symbol at estelle desanges anal nue ceremony during the Gulf War.

Sarah Polley - Guinevere (1999) 3

Sarah was only twelve at the time. She hot lost some back teeth in a clash with the police while attending a political demonstration polley she was sixteen. This feisty little independent who stands only five-foot-two debuted at the age of six in One Magic Christmasbut it was her starring turn in the Terry Gilliam flick The Adventures of Baron Munchausen that got her noticed. Her go-to film in terms of nudity, however, is the drama Guineverein which she revealed her really huge Big Macs.

Skin especially likes the scene where Sarah, while walking down a hallway, is wearing nothing but a towel.

Paradoxes of a beautiful life

The Canuck can also be seen wearing only a bra and sadly a skirt in the aforementioned Goin which she had to strip for some drug dealer who's afraid she's wired if I were a cop, I'd hide my mike someplace else--if sara to get a couple of actresses really naked. The Secret Life of Words - as Hanna.

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Dawn of the Dead - as Ana.