Rio hamasaki wedding

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Pop diva Ayumi Hamasaki, 33, has announced through her official fan club that she is to divorce Austrian actor Manuel Teem beautiful in fuck, Hamasaki told fans that she had initiated the split, explaining that she felt unable to keep the promise she made to Schwarz, who lives in Los Angeles, that the pair would live together in America.

I think that there is rio more to this than what she is telling, maybe she means what she says but it seems like a convenient excuse to me. She hamasaki afford for both wedding them to live anywhere they choose.

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Yeah, okay But don't be too hard on her: Oh I am soooo shocked. Sarcasm off.

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A rather convenient excuse that won't make the public turn on her. On a more positive note, at least they decided on this before they added a child to the equation. I think many of you are being too hard on Hamasaki.