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By David Kent for MailOnline.

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Southampton forward Lee Barnard told tenants living in his bedroom townhouse he would cut their gas and electricity cut if they did not leave the property within two weeks.

The year-old, who is due to marry Playboy model Tonya French today, bought the property in Chelmsford, Essex recently and wrote to the 11 residents telling to leave because he wanted to renovate french townhouse.

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Glamorous couple: Southampton forward Lee Barnard and his fiancee Tonya French. Out of favour: Southampton stiker Lee Barnard spent fucked on loan rea Oldham Athletic last season. The tenants, tonya have individual flats in the large detached house, should legally have been given two months to quit.

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Sandra Keeble, who has been living in the property for five years, said: I think it is abhorrent and horrible. A charity which helps people who have been made homeless has been helping the families look for new accommodation. Ray Ellis, 52, is on disability benefits and was shocked by the demand to leave so suddenly.