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Nassau, Bahamas — A police report on Saturday past now confirms how an educator at the Mt. Carmel Preparatory School in eastern New Providence was caught with his pants down. Bahamas Press has learned police was on patrol in the Montaqu area on Saturday [Nov.

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Bahamas Press warned in early November this year how there had occurred incidents of alleged sex and drunken behaviour between teachers and students during GGYA weekend event! In that explosive report allegations of lewd sexual activities among 10th graders were reported to Bahamas Press by one parent, who had expressed deep concerns following a field trip that went down off campus and in the back of the woods.

Following that report absolutely nothing was done!

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The Principal called for silence and dat was dat! We questioned dicks in vaginas nudes was the matter not turned over to the police and the educators in question not removed from the school until a complete investigation was done?

What in da hell is dis? Police arrested the coach and held him in custody for a few days, however, he returned to work today as if nothing went down.