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Paris Hilton was the original reality star. Frederick M.

Paris Hilton Says Her Leaked Sex Tape Was “Like Being Raped” - NYLON

Paris Hilton's life is front yape center in a new documentary, and it's anything but simple. But Hilton's celebrity skyrocketed after a sex tape with then-boyfriend Rick Fallomon was leaked in In the new film, Hilton opened up about the incident and talked about the trauma that lingered for years pussy dripping cum naked girls. She talked about how it was difficult to establish her own identity beyond what tabloids and reality TV producers asked of her, especially since she became famous before social media was a thing.

She said the documentary was a rare opportunity to break beyond her mediated persona.

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Hilton almost single-handedly pioneered this brand of fame. She invented being "famous for being famous" ; before Instagram or the Kardashians, Hilton was the original reality star.

Today, Hilton is engagedruns various paris cosmetics sex fashion lines, is producing new music and TV and boasts a robust World globe An icon of the world globe, hilton different international options. Search icon A magnifying glass.

Paris Hilton says leaked sex tape was 'like being raped' in new documentary

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