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So, it is true that Paris Hilton is officially off the market after getting engaged to actor Chris Zylka. We thought that this woman was going to remain a serial bachelorette, but we thought wrong. Nevertheless, the heart wants what it wants.

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She was proposed to on a romantic skiing trip after less than a year of dating. You know what they say Let's take a walk down Memory Lane.

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Remember when Paris Hilton was the reigning queen of the early '00s? You literally could not shield yourself from her presence.

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She was on every magazine cover and she was on the small screen every time you turned on the television. People loved to hate her, but really they were all just jealous. She was young, rich, and beautiful and America's Barbie doll.

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She was adored in the fashion world and representing names for big fashion houses. Paris Hilton took what has already been an empire by her family and turned it into an even bigger empire on her own accord.