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When Fat Bodies Just Look Wrong – Dances With Fat

This type of situation is often about a bigot asking to be accommodated by a fat person. As if the solution might not be for them to get the hell over their bigotry, or at least practice the ancient art of looking at something else.

Fat people are allowed to costume clothing choices for any reason they want — including dressing for maximum societal approval, as long as they are only choosing for themselves and not trying to tell other fat people what they should wear fat Underpants Rule, my old friend. My suggestion is not that all fat people dress a certain way, but that we should considering being very conscious as to why we make the choices we make, and what that means.

Fashion For Big Guys: 5 Tips To Look Great Today (And As You Lose Weight)

So I suggest taking some time each day to find pictures of fat bodies and work to increase your skill at perceiving beauty. Here are some places to start:. The Fit Fatties Forum has photo and video new outdoor porn of people of various sizes doing everything from belly dancing to sword fighting. VoluptuArt has amazing pieces to look athlete and buy. I have a gallery on this blog.

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Pink by Aerosmith old a really cool video of lots of different bodies and ages. Possibly NSFW. Become a member: