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If you need a nasty girl, then you need Paula Jai Parker. She also brought back some of the glory of New York City as an old-fashioned hooker in Phone Booth Paula can also play it smart and sophisticated, as seen on her unfairly short-lived detective show Snoops. And, of course, Paula did a fine job of playing it nude when she jai down and raised wood parker Woo But it was her topless, impromptu rap performance in the bathroom in She Hate Me that had us falling in nudepicsof.

Paula Jai Parker nude, Savannah Haske nude - She Hate Me (2004)

My Baby's Daddy - as Rolonda. She Hate Me - as Evelyn. The Apollo Comedy Hour - as Regular. The Proud Family - as Trudy Proud.

Paula Jai Parker nude

Townsend Television - as NA. Made paula love in Chicago since ! All Rights Reserved. Our Trademarks exempt. Toggle navigation.

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