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These nude images of Jackie Kennedy Onassis were taken on a Pictures beach in after her own husband tipped off photographers with her exact location, a new book has claimed. The images, which were splashed across magazines and newspapers worldwide, were taken as the couple endured a turbulent marriage fraught with infidelity, absences and family scorn.

JFK Jr. It has emerged that the photographers were tipped off by her own husband, Aristotle Onassis.

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Tired of Jackie suing the media for invasion of privacy, her husband gave ten photographers detailed maps and nude plans of when she would be on the beach in Skorpios, Greece.

Jackie had married Ari in after he wooed her with gifts and declarations of love - even though her family and friends were never convinced he was the right match for her. Throughout their relationship, Ari pursued his not-so-secret affair with opera singer Maria Callas - while allegedly using his press contacts to publicly humiliate Jackie for stepping out of line.

Ari & Jackie Onassis: X-Rated Movie, Nude Photos, the Kennedys & Paradise Lost (Part 5)

Anderson describes the fatal moment that crushed their relationship in He wooed jackie former First Lady into marriage in pictured but it was rocky from the start. The shots were splashed across foster, earning Jackie the moniker 'Billion Dollar Bush'. Jackie did not ugly girl porn big tits her own husband was behind the photos and demanded he sue the magazines.

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