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It happened somewhere hot and sexy new porn star images the middle of the ride, somewhere around S.

Philly Naked Bike Ride is coming; hundreds of nude cyclists are expected to join

As a spectator, that fact is apparent, but in the midst of the pack, some 10, strong, the nudity seems to vanish - it suddenly becomes so normal. For the people of Portland, the bike has been normalizing itself. People sport mounted bikes naked every year sincewhen the World Naked Bike Ride - a global protest against oil and for cyclist rights - first came to town.

Every year since then, more people have joined the ride, growing it from a niche event into a mass gathering, one of the largest Naked Bike Rides in the world. I was one of this year's rookies, riding for the first time with my girlfriend, Lindsey, both of us cruising through the city completely in the buff.

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We had spent the weeks before the nude stressing out over small things. Would it be hard to ride with so many other people? What if we fell?

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Would the bike seat be uncomfortable? Hours before we left Saturday we stripped down and rode our bikes in circles around the garage.

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We prayed our housemate didn't pick that moment to come home. We arrived at Colonel Summers Park, the meet-up spot for the ride, with ample time to steel ourselves for the experience, but as it turned out, there was little to steel ourselves for.