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"Deathly Hallows" to Include "Very Sexy" Nude Scene

This article is from the archive harry our partner. Millions of Harry Potter teen bend over chubby have grown up along with the books' characters, but as these kids matured and went through puberty and started sneaking kisses at teenage parties, Harry, Hermione, and Ron did potter. The Harry Potter books--and the movies, for the most part--have been extremely chaste.

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Frustrated fans have had to make due with fan fiction, where they could imagine all the romantic couplings left off J. Rowling's pages. Till now.

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Yes, it turns out to be a dream. But still. Ron, who has long burned with jealousy of his best friend Harry--who is rich and famous and The Boy Who Lived--experiences a nightmare vision in which Harry and Hermione, on whom he has long crushed, are embracing, Coeli Carr reports for ABC News. Naked his friends look "as though they're beyond the affectionate snogging stage," Carr scenes.