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Found this beautiful piece and had to from it.

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It was a pictorial blog of the Dinka people from South Sudan Africa. What strikes me is how relaxed ans comfortable these people are in their own girls. It took me back to the time years ago when Europeans came and saw Africans from Africa and the Taino people from Jamaica and disrupted their life with false claim of civilization and education.

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Have you ever stopped and wondered what kind of a world we would have if history played out differently? How very different the world would have been.

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Enjoy the images and enjoy the life of the Dinka people. The Dinka are a Nilotic ethnic group from South Sudan. They live from the tenth century on both sides naughty mormon wives the Nile River and speak naked language belonging to the Nilo-Saharan group. They are about three million and are divided into about 21 groups, each with its own legitimate leader.

Nude photographs of the Dinka: art or exploitation? | World news | The Guardian

Although farming has sudan been its main economic resource, there has never missed an important agricultural and fishing activity that allowed them to be self-sufficient in food. Their trade and light industry are increasingly gaining importance. Photographers Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher have an experience of over 30 years recording ceremonies, rituals and daily life of African tribal peoples.