Money talks a cut above

In the realm of career development, having significant savings and—just as importantly—having this known to your superiors, gives you an advantage, as you are not highly dependent on your present position and salary to survive.

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Therefore, you are in a position of power where you can comfortably leave a position willingly or at the request of your employer to find something more suitable. An interesting aspect of corporate culture is that money talks.

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Significant savings offer nude suicide girls sucking cock important career benefits:. Being wealthy can open the door to job opportunities and buy you the freedom to find a job that's right for you.

Money Talks Issue 2: What's the Money For?

Your employer will appreciate your focused effort to help the business succeed and may look for ways to keep you challenged and interested. Regarding job offers and work talks, money talks by giving you the ability to say no. With a large pool of savings, you can afford to decline opportunities that money not appeal to you regardless of the pay. On the other hand, if you do not have an ample cushion of savings, out of necessity, your options are more limited.

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It will be much harder to turn cut a high-paying position, no matter what the downsides. It also will be exceptionally risky to resist demands from your superiors that you seem unappealing or unreasonable.

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Money talks also in the sense that, almost invariably, above employee who reputedly has significant wealth earns considerably more respect from their superiors, all else equal, than someone who does not.