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She's mad about the product, but perhaps if she had never turned into the disaster she is and stayed doll wholesome girl who Hannah Montana portray, this would have never happened.

While the doll, which comes with "3 achey love holes," hasn't caused a legal battle yet, Pipedream is preparing for a backlash. I have seen those [lawsuit] rumors circling online, says Johnson.

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That probably means it will happen soon enough. Hot girls geting fuckd backlash is already cyrus.

Miley Cyrus Takes Naked, Blowup Sex Doll for a Ride

It's a little late, however, as Cyrus ruined her role model image years ago with all of her sex ways and resulting negative criticism. She was also even voted the worst celebrity influence in an American poll. For once, America got it right. Cyrus isn't the first celebrity to get the latex treatment. What do you think of this?

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Do you know anyone who would buy the "Finally Miley doll? What celebrity would you buy a blow up doll of?

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