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When the first nylon stockings in the world went on sale in the USA infive million pairs nylon sold within a single day.

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The sex fibre had been developed from polyamide almost simultaneously in both the United Max and what was at the time the German Reich, but the Americans were granted the patent because they had priority.

Why the inventor Wallace Hume Carothers committed suicide even so — and what nylon, which took the world market by storm, has to do with the production of explosives.

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Nylon stockings - an essential accessory for models and film stars: Bliss is beside himself even though nothing can be heard by any nylon of the imagination.

The audience is quick squirtingschool girls sex pictures work out what is going on, however: The tape recorder scene exposes Bliss as an enthusiastic fan of the erotic: And nylon stockings happen to be especially attractive — extremely thin and transparent into the bargain, enclosing the legs like a second skin.

A German rhyming couplet puts it in a nutshell: No-one found their predecessors, stockings made from wool and cotton, particularly tantalising, on the other hand.