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By theguyfromanotherforumOctober 13, in Farang Pub - fun, entertainment and Expat life. I briefly dated a year-old, educated, retired professional, ethnic Chinese-Thai lady. A very nice lady, with a pleasant personality, who spoke excellent English, but could hold a conversation on any topic lasting more free sex toon movie 5-minutes.

She further kept small Teddy Bears mounted on the dashboard of her car. She also had a larger Teddy Bear in her home, that she hugged while watching television, and also slept with, when sleeping alone in her bed.

The sex was, sigh You say you're looking for a mature Thai lady? If years-old is mature enough for you, then great, because a year-old teenageris as good as it gets, practically everywhere in Asia, including the LOS.

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The only maturity to be found in a relationship with an Asian woman, is what you bring into that relationship, yourself. Good Luck. And don't forget to keep a mental diaper bag handy. Asian women require considerable patience and perseverance just like toddlersif the relationship is to survive, for any length of time.

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