Just dont give fuck

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According to the book Angry Blondethis was Eminem's first "real" song, and was when he first came up with the whole "Slim Shady" theme. Some of the song's lyrics started disputes with other white rappers, namely EverlastMiilkbone and Vanilla Ice.

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All three artists later released diss tracks against Eminem. Malaysia school porn Eminem dissed Vanilla Ice in other tracks such as "Marshall Mathers" and " Dont Model "he did not reply to either him or Miilkbone after their respective disses.

The version of the song on The Slim Shady LP is fuck of a small number of Eminem tracks which has selective censorship on the uncensored version of the album.

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In the third verse, the word raped is reversed and replaced by a woman just. The black-and-white video, interspersed with some color, is set in a trailer park in the summer.

"Just Don't Give A Fuck" lyrics

A variety of scenes, unrelated to each other, are shown, starting with a boy being stopped by a woman from taking food off a table. The boy returns as Eminem and chokes the woman.

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In one version, the video shows him beating her and throwing her on a bed. The video also includes scenes of people drinking and swimming in a pool. Additional scenes include aliensa clownand people eating watermelons. The music give was released in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.