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She has just turned 66 but screen icon and national juli Julie Walters is playing one angela winter porn gif her sexiest roles ever — and having the time of her life.

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Julie is loving the role and loving life. And being 66 is certainly no hindrance for her as everything clickety-clicks nicely into place.

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In the last series, viewers watched as wealthy pics Cynthia tried everything in her power to set her protege Ralph Whelan on the path to becoming Viceroy. Read more: Julie said: And she does, in her own inimitable way.

You just have to pace yourself a little better than your year-old waters. Indian Summers, set at the foot of the Himalayas in the last days of the British Raj, centres on tensions between the locals and the wealthy British socialites.

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In this series the drama is heightened as India edges towards independence and life for her customers is set to change unrecognisably. That led to a long spell away from her husband of 19 years Grant Roffey, the father of her grown-up daughter Maisie.

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After filming finished, the pair enjoyed a romantic holiday in Vietnam before returning to the organic farm Grant and Maisie run naked West Sussex. She said: I have a lot to thank him for. By Geraldine McKelvie.

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