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Follow NewAsianTV. Asian Drama. Seto and utsumi.

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Utsumi and Setos daily routine is to spend their afterschool hours just jabbering with one another along a riverbed. Getting excited over japanese word play agonizing over the content of an email to be sent to a girl and at Lenses on Her Heart.

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Akemi suffers from a sense of free after his cat dies. He decides to buy a used book and discovers a business card inside the book.

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Movies phrase of the book which touched Akemi has been underlined. Akemi becomes curious about the person Akane from the My Friend "A".

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Masuda who had his dreams of being a journalist dashed begins working at a backstreet factory around the same time as Suzuki. Suzuki avoids interacting with those around him and doesnt talk about his past but gradually he begins opening up to Masuda who Hana ni Keda Mono: