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The other day some guys and I were discussing the "innocent girl" versus the "bad girl. It's important to own whatever mojo you have, because we do pay attention to that overall aura you're giving off. And sometimes we go for the opposite of what we went for in the past — but we definitely bucket women into innocent or bad.

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It's tough, though, because, while we like innocent women, we don't like to be bored. On the other hand, a crazy bad girl is too much.

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Young like an innocent girl innocent a bad streak that comes out once in a while. My buddies and I also theorized ashley greene leaked photos nude women all go through a bad guy phase.

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It was an interesting epiphany, and one that may be way off, like most of the theories my buddies and I make about women. Corrupting Innocence is Fun The reason I think girl buttoned up business look is so hot on women is that I like taking things sex. The "innocent" style is put together. Making someone bad is fulfilling and fun, and it feels more like a mutual journey. Guys just want to be the leader of that journey instead of the followers. I guess it's like white fresh snow versus the snow that's turning black on the side of the road in under the haze of car exhaust.

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