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I was in class 12 young we had economics period so I decided to bunk young class. As no other guy was bunking at that time so I was alone.

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Finding no such place to hide Hot girl walking nude gifs decided to teen in the boys hot for pooping entire goddamn period.

In our school we had one floor where girl's washroom nudist adjacent to boys's, pooping the entrance was same for both of them which was divided by a wall. So i stayed there for around 15 minutes and instantly realized that I was once caught by a teacher male few months back in the same washroom.

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So I decided to get out of there, the moment I came out I saw a classmate of mine nudist had her mathematics class and she too decided to bunk the class. We wkrp xxx eyes, and she was on her way to the washroom teen I instantly asked her can I come with you? She looked at me surprisingly hot I told her that I cannot afford to be in boys washroom and I still have 20 minutes to wait, she looked at me with the squinted eye but decided to help me.

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So I went inside the girls washroom first time with a girl the moment I went in couple of girls of class 11 came inside and were shocked to see me, probably thinking what everyone else would thinkbut she handled everything and I was relieved. Soon the bell rung and I was free to go, I thanked her for her kindness. But that was by far the most embarrassing moment for me.