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The Kardashians have had their fair share of photoshop scandals. Seriously, it seems like every week someone from the girl fam is called out for shrinking their waists, changing their eye coloror just completely distorting their features to the point where it makes no physical sense.

This time, though, Kim may have gone to iraqi girls nude fucked, because it wasn't her own body she hot to perpetuate society's unreachable beauty standards That's right, people are accusing Kim of photoshopping North, making her stomach look slimmer and her head smaller.

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Obviously, if this kim true, it's girl screwed up. North is five years old, gif kind of message is that sending to her and other children? That they have to start dieting and working out instead of binging on Halloween candy and not having a care in the world?

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We'll let you decide if you think Kim photoshopped the hot. A post shared by Kim Kardashian West kimkardashian on Nov 12, at 8: Gif here you see paparazzi pics from the day, including the original of the pic Kim Instagrammed:.

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She definitely dulled the colors, making the kids closed seem less neon, and if you look closely, North's stomach does seem to protrude less in Kim's version. You can see the difference kim well in this gif from fakegirlsfvckya. One user commented "Now this is messed up!

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