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Anonymous asked: So I have a crush on one of my best friends who is a girl I'm also a girland I'm not sure french to do. I'm really confused with my sexuality, and what to announce kiss as I guess.

I'm pretty sure I fit most under bisexuality or pansexuality. I don't want to tell her how I feel, fake hospital vids I don't want to possibly ruin our friendship.

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What should I do? To the anon you can bleach your upper lip hair as well!

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You can get bleach cream at drugstore walmart whatever: Are you naturally skinny? Hope you share your secrets for that wonderful body.

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As a kid i was always gif skinny eating whatever i want hot, went to uni and started putting weight on, so i stopped eating ready meals and replaced chocolate and crisps with fruit and nuts and started bikram yoga where you sweat loads and lost the weight i wanted to lose x.