Happy nude in sauna

The saunas were so relaxing but tight. The price has gone up slightly so maybe so maybe some We enjoyed all the sauna rooms they weren't very hot and This is a tale of a man who bit a bullet to make his wife happy, so grab a snack and walk with me.

How to boldly use a naked sauna – tips for the first time naturist from Austria

I came here after weeks of planning to treat my wife to a great birthday. Nothing pleases that women more than Spa treatments, so I thought this would be a fun and unique experience. My initial thought was to drop her off and pick her up, but later decided to go with her to share the experience. We paid our admission fees, were given our "uniforms" and pointed toward the locker rooms.

However, I want to get you a little more prepared than I was for what you are going to see.

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First of all, people LIKE to be naked here