Girls that squirt

Most women are curious holly madison naked free video squirting and many would like to experience it for themselves.

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Can All Girls Squirt?

Although it may seem like a silly question to you, I bet lots of other women and men are wondering the same thing. Squirting, also known as female ejaculation is when a liquid coming from the … is released during a powerful orgasm. The debate still rages about what exactly is squirting with a recent study claiming that the female ejaculate is pee. For many women, squirting is incredibly satisfying and girls, and has been described as adding another dimension to the female orgasm.

What is female ejaculation?

For the guys, imagine having an orgasm squirt ejaculating. The female ejaculate usually coincides with an orgasm and the amount of liquid can range from a little to a lot.

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Squirting is perfectly healthy and shows that a woman has a strong sexual energy, powerful vaginal muscles and a strong ability to have pleasurable orgasms. Unfortunately, adult entertainment has given many wrong impressions about squirting and that people have gotten the wrong idea about it. Squirting can be part of a healthy and fulfilling sex life.