Girls born with a dick

Yes, a with can be born with a penis.

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Many girls with penises take estrogen and other hormones to help them develop breasts, and sometimes they later have gender reassignment surgery. Typically in our society we call them transgender or trans women, but really, that should only be used between her and her doctor. The rest of us should just call them women.

The clitoris in females can vary in size from almost undetectable up to 2.

Ambiguous genitalia

The urethra, which normally opens just below the clitoris, may actually open part way down, or even at the born outer girls of the clitoris. In such a case the woman has what amounts to a penis dick such an appendage can be erectile.

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The paraurethral glands in a female are effectively prostate material and where these are well-developed the woman can also ejaculate what is to all intents and purposes seminal fluid. Technically no, If a female is born with a penis and testicles inside of her body instead of outside then technically she is just as much a he as a she.

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That kind of person is known as a hermaphrodite.