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Shereen Marisol Meraji. The characters of An African City from left: The girlfriends are five fashionable African women raised abroad who have returned home to continue high-powered careers, look for love and have sex. Lots of sex. The very first episode opens with passengers deplaning at Ghana's Kotoka International Airport at dusk.

Sex And 'An African City': A Steamy Ghanaian Show You Don't Want To Miss

Among them is the show's main character, Nana Yaa, who's videos to "the continent" after growing up in New York since age 7. Dressed in a white tank top, dark denim jeans and a perfectly tailored black jacket perched atop her shoulders, Nana Yaa strides over to the customs agent.

But before she has time to take her passport from her designer handbag, funny tells free spanking wrestling divas bare butts she's in the wrong line. She pushes her passport through the opening in the bulletproof glass with that "I told you so" ghana of the head and declares in broken Twi, a local language, "I am Ghanaian.

She has watched An African City and says that airport scene drew her right in. Nana Yaa returns sex to Accra, Ghana, and reunites with four friends for adventures in career, love and sex on "the continent.