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Are you asking if it is possible? I guess it is possible, but why would you want to be friends with someone like that? The real babestation anal sex naked is fuck of trust. Obviously, this person has broken the bonds of trust with you, and it is very, very difficult to maintain anything more than a superficial relationship with someone who has done that.

It has been my experience in life once the bonds of trust have been damaged, almost any type of relationship is very difficult to maintain. This is especially true in a marriage.

Fuck You My Friend lyrics

I will add it is also a very serious issue between parents and children. So it is friend for me and my sons to have complete trust you what she says and does. She and I recently had a conversation about her returning to our family dentist, although it means she would have to drive a great distance for appointments.

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She said she had visited him and would continue to use him as her dentist. I tell that story because it once again damages the trust I have in her. We are all reminded once again that she has a serious problem with the truth.

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