Forced sissy husband

Husband I'm the husband, but I'll answer the best I can.

Forced Feminization Illustration Art : Another Sissy Husband – 3 (Conclusion)

After we started surprise blow job sexy naked Cuckolding lifestyle, we both did research on the internet for good forced bad. I'm not sure if I would be considered a full blown sissy, but here's were we are at.

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She put me in panties at first,jockys all disappeared. I loved it,they felt wonderful. Next came Chasity cage, she started telling me my little clitty needed to be controlled.

At first she was all in on the cage,it would be on 3 to 5 days only off for showering. Now it's on when she's on her lady time and used if I talk back or act up. Those get three days for the offence. When the cage started, there was problems with pubic hair, so she came home with pink ladies shaver, strawberry shaving cream and girly bubble bath. I was let out of cage and told to take a bath forced shave, which I did and returned to our bedroom for her to put cage back on. She loved the look and feel, so the next day I got home from work and she husband it was bath time.

Rikki's Tales of Forced Crossdressing: Humiliated Sissy Husband

So I went in sissy got in my bubble bath shower's no longer allowed. She came in and said she was going to shave me some more, and then chest hair,back hair and sissy above my knees. From that point I've been shaved ever since.

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