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Post a Comment. Forced scene is one that I think about a lot, fully knowing how much I would hate it. Mistress would tell "go set up scene 2 in the bedroom, text me when you are ready.

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I would also get out the new spider gag that forces my mouth open as well as my posture hot redhead teen virgin that would forced my head from turning.

I would also get out the Hitachi Magic Wand, a cum condom, a syringe, and a dildo. I cum put on my collar, gag and restrain 3 of my limbs and text Mistress with my free hand.

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Mistress would come in the room, and finish tying me. Variations Immediately roll the condom on my cock and put the hitachi on it and force an orgasm as quickly as possible to minimize the pleasure. As soon as I cum she stops, catches as much cum in the condom as she can and proceeds to force it into my mouth. Takes her time.

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Uses me as much as possible while telling me how it's going to end. After I cum, she tells me she is letting it cool so that it will be even more disgusting. She rubs it all over my lips, tounge, in my nostrils, my eye lids, etc.