Fat women in stilettos

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The fashion industry is sadly out of date as the new normal average clothing size is 14and the new normal average shoe size in the US is USA size 9. Many shoe designers and manufacturers in the US are lagging behind the stilettos making shoes as if the most common foot size is a USA.

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All women deserve to have both style and comfort. Wearing heels elongates the figure and makes the whole outfit appear much more elegant.

Why do tall women wear high heels?

Tiffany Tucker says in her fashion blog "Fat Shopaholic", that " High heels come in many styles and heel heights, and some styles, fat, and heel heights are more suitable and easier to walk in than others for everyone- including plus size women who form the majority of women in the United States.

The major issues that 44 plus size women report as concerns about wearing heels are focused on in their own words highlighted headline added, comments are edited for clarity from blog by Tiffany Turner "Fat Shopaholic:. Problem of the instability of high heels: Falling down, becoming afraid to wear heels due to fears of fallingfeeling really unsteady; too much weight on my stomach causes me to fall forwards; wore high heels when I was younger but can't wear them now women to instability.