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Notably, the ancient Egyptians had strict rules about things like adultery sex used early forms of birth control.

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Most people know ancient Egyptians practiced mummification, but the embalmers who performed the process didn't always respect the bodies. Instead, the families waited a few days so the corpse would be somewhat decomposed.

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Like modern civilizations, ancient Egyptians wanted to have some degree of control over their family planning. Hot porn stars all pictues approach detailed on ancient papyrus suggests they used gum made from acacia tree sap to "cover the mouth of the womb" during intercourse. And eygypt is at eygypt some corroboration for the effectiveness of this approach, as acacia gum contains lactic acid, a known spermicide.


Cleopatra's purported sexual appetite is the sex of legend - and Shakespeare. When the Romans came around, Cleopatra had an illegitimate son with Julius Caesar.

But when her bedchambers were empty, Cleopatra allegedly found other ways to entertain herself.

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Rumor has it she filled either a hollowed-out gourd or an empty papyrus box sources differ with angry bees, then used the makeshift device as a vibrator. Notably, Egyptian hieroglyphics dating as far back as BCE depict humans sleeping with animals. Also, ancient Egyptians considered physical acts depicted between a human and an animal less visually offensive than the same between two humans.